Frequently Asked Questions about our company and services

As we obtain more questions they will be posted with the answers, so check back to see the response to yours.

Q. How can you quote fixed prices on consulting work?

A. Our staff has extensive experience and has already solved the types of problems you are experiencing. If we do not have the experience, we simply will notify you up front and not bid this project.

Q. Why do you only offer the Business Interview to northern NJ companies?

A. We offer it to all companies. But it is only provided at no cost to northern NJ companies since that is our base of operations. Clients outside this area will be asked to pay for at least one days’ services plus travel expenses. Travel expenses are charged either as a quoted fixed price, or at cost plus 15%.

Q. How much does one days’ services cost?

A. Our services range from $1000-3200 depending upon which professionals are assigned to the work. The out-of-area Business Interview rate is always $3200/day since we only send the most senior consultants on initial visits. We provide this information only as a guide, since our fixed price proposals are often substantially lower than other service providers. It is our extensive experience that allows us to operate the project more productively than others thus saving you time or providing a better value for the same overall project cost.