A Fracking mess

I went to a dinner recently where the speaker, an API spokesperson, presented Hydraulic Fracturing (HF) to us.  The Industry has some work to do to convince the public that they are being good neighbors. Here are some links the speaker presented: http://publications.api.org/ http://api.org/standards; There I found http://api.org/policy-and-issues/hf?perPage=All includes all HF articles and free pdfs of specs …

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A rising tide lifts large boats first

This is a copy of the article published today  at http://chenected.aiche.org/general-interest/rising-tide/ You know the saying.  It’s “all boats”, of course. Current data indicates the economy is improving, albeit at a slower pace than usual.  Past recessions have enjoyed a more robust recovery.  What does this mean for the average small business? Many small businesses went into …

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NJ Mfg job losses slow to lowest pace in 10 years

This is a reprint of an article printed in the Sunday Bergen Record on 4/17/11 by Alex Macinnes, Staff Writer.  See http://www.northjersey.com/news/119995144_Finding_the_bottom_.html for the full article.  Tom Smith, our Managing Director was quoted in this article. New Jersey lost 3,400 manufacturing jobs last year, and despite the fewest job losses in that sector in 10 years, …

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Yes, New Jersey is waking up!

  In answer to my July post:  Yes, I think NJ is Waking up! Today I attended a Jobs for Jersey forum at Montclair State.  My company was invited by the Manufacturing Network of NJBIA to which we belong. There was a panel of dignitaries, which included 3 past governors, Brendan Byrne, Donald DiFrancesco, and …

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We need education for those NOT going to college

The following was in response to a 7/23/10 blog posting by Dave Opton of Execunet: Dave, What about those not going to college? It’s true that K-12 have not been taking the science/engineering path.  It’s perceived to be too hard for most.  Since I was an engineering undergrad a few centuries ago, I can understand …

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